Supply chains control to achieve your worry-free business!

KPIs (key performance indicators) All Through The Process.

KPIs (key performance indicators) All Through The Process.

Supply Chain Control Makes Requirements 100% Meet

Purchase Control

The choice on raw materials, directly affects the cost and quality of final products, we only purchase from the trust suppliers of good reputation, for stable quality. Any change of the purchase channels, will be treated as the top important project, and will be informed to the clients before the process.

Production Technical Control

We only adopt the approved technical process, in the production plants of close relations more than 2 years, the production process is carried out 100% according to the technical requirements.

Supervision & Inspection Independent

The independent supervision on production, inspection on products, is reasonable and necessary, to achieve the requirements 100% meet. We work closely with China top companies of inspection instruments, and government inspection centers, to ensure the precise inspection result.

Supply Chains Control Makes Prices Competitive

We know exactly the cost of each process, from the raw materials, the production cost, till the final products.

To achieve better “supply chain control”, we focus on scale economy, instead of any profit from some certain business.

Above are the reasons for why we insist “reasonable low profit”. We strongly believe the cycle below

KPIs (key performance indicators) All Through The Process.

What Makes Us Unique