Your eyes on China packaging market

To be your best choice, we only focus on the services based on China packaging market

11 years experience in packaging materials

10 years experience in packing machines

8 years experience in production technical

8 years experience in chemical products (primer, lacquer etc.)

Different from third party inspection companies (such as SGS), we know well the entire chain of packaging industry, we handle the inspection through our professional, we supervise the business through KPIs management.

The products offered are at reasonable-low price

Attend more than 15 trade fairs every year, to ensure we are always on the front of the packaging trend.

Have independent “order supervisors” in our core partner plants, visit more than 50 times to partner plants, to ensure we get the best support.

The scale economy from our big consumption, to ensure we get the bottom production cost, sometimes the cost could be ZERO.

The guarantee of high quality

Have our own quality system, establish the KPIs for each kind of the products, and manage the production requirements according to the KPIs.

Follow up the production implementation, supervise the process, inspect the products, check the packing, to ensure the achievement of KPIs.

Unqualified products will be returned to the plants directly before the exportation.

The guarantee of your money safety

Arrange pre-audit to every new partner plants, on the finance, production capacity, and quality control, to establish the initial trust.

Visit the partner plants timely, to ensure we can always see their developments.

Inspect independently after products finished, you need not to pay for the unqualified products.

The guarantee of high work efficiency

Your every doubt or question will be handled within 24 hours, we push the solution with the plants, when you sleep, time different won’t affect our efficiency.

We build the direct relations with the right persons of the plants, the technical manager, the production manager, and even the packing worker, or the transport driver, we make the communication distance the shortest.

We always prepare 1-2 backup plants for your orders, so any emergency situation won’t affect your purchase plan.

Market entry consulting

Handle market research though our professional nets.

Building right connections between you and the right persons, who in the potential partners, potential clients, or potential competitors).

Offer support or preparation before your visit, to maximum your expectations.